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Climate Crisis

I have been working to understand and find a way of living with the climate crisis for many years now. Clearly we all need to find our own way. 


In my view there is no one political, economic, psychological, systemic, or spiritual system to cope with what is happening. Based on my own experience, and that of those clients who address this in any depth,  is a need to resolve individual past traumas and early relational failures before being able to contemplate the climate crisis. This is not a linear process, more an oscillation between past and the present.

I have worked with people questioning their position on having children or not; guilt around their consumerism; the numbing that occurs when we feel powerless to change; climate activists choosing between peaceful or violent protest, animal liberation as spiritual development; and more. But mostly I find we are just confused, numbed, and sometimes psychologically disconnected from ourselves and the world. I have followed this journey myself. For a more personal account you can see my other website.

Very briefly, what people seem to find useful are ways to locate and express what they are feeling and experiencing around this real life, current, crisis. To this end, I am able to offer climate cafes and forest bathing sessions. You can find more details on how to book these on my eventbright page.

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